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We are dedicated to humanity’s Soul Initiation, the path of Freedom and Love, and recognizing Spirit at our core! Encompassing
46 acres/ 18.5 hectares of magical and powerful land in Finland, and 1.2 km/ 0.75 miles of lakeshore, Nikkilä is a living Temple,
a vortex, a School, a home, and a community.

The adventure of Landing a Modern Day Temple

More and more people are hearing the call. The global crisis we are currently in is forcing us to see what is missing, what is no longer working, what is out of alignment, what we can’t continue to take for granted. We don’t have the luxury to look away anymore. There has to be a more fulfilling way of living, not just for me or my family, but for all of us! Although precipitated by crisis, this is in fact a global initiation! And the landing of a modern-day temple plays a big part in that global initiation! We are called to play a part in this great adventure! What about you?

Nikkilä: Where Spirit, Soul & Matter Come Together

Nikkilä Temple is symbolic of the world that is coming. A world where humans live as embodied souls, recognize Spirit at their core and know they are on this planet with a purpose. A world where soul and body are recognized equally for their wisdom, love and power. A humanity that acknowledges the divinity in matter and sacredness of our existence with every breath, every step and every action. A world of humans who deeply listen to and rejoice at co-creating with this earth and the cosmos. Who live in harmony and mutual reciprocity with this planet and all its kingdoms. A humanity that is re-connected to the inherent abundance of the earth, and ourselves as part of that nature, ceasing to live in scarcity, fear, separation, and abuse of power. A world that stands for and as Love, whatever name you choose for it; be it freedom, truth, divinity in matter, or otherwise. A world that is truly and fully ALIVE, here, now!

The Temple Training

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Nikkilä Temple
Nikkilä Temple3 days ago
An invitation: during this lion’s gate portal: august 8,
1) tune into spirit on the land where you are, to further activate spirit in matter, knowing this will spread across the planet through the mineral kingdom in particular.
2) connect to the temples emerging knowing there is really only one temple after all.
Whatever of this resonates, in whatever way, tune in at whatever time on 8/8.
More on lion’s gate below.
Share your experience or whatever comes through that feels alive, in the comments below afterwards if you feel to
On Lion’s Gate:

Lions Gate 8-8
Every year the sun, the earth and Sirius move and come to specific places where they together open a portal – The Lions Gate.
It is called the lion gate by the sun entering the Lion. The Lion Portal is open between 26 July and 12 August and reaches its peak on August 8th.
On the morning of August 8, the sun and Sirius rise together in the morning sky, like two suns next to each other, one in a golden light and the other in a blue frequency.
Sirius is a "blue" star that is twenty times stronger than the sun. When the sun is associated with Sirius, they create a cosmic star portal and through it it rains down cosmic frequencies in the form of codes, lights, sounds, sacred geometry symbols and frequencies directly from the Central Sun and Sirius.
The Lions Gate is a special portal where you can embody more of your Divine self into your physical form.
The strong energies that come through the lions gate help Gaia as she travels into a higher frequency and into higher dimensions.
This portal brings an opportunity to anchor you even deeper into your purpose into your lineage, into deeper humility and love. As we open and step through the lions gate - we open for a deep remembering.
During these days we will be reminded that we are part of the cosmos (universe) and that we all hold a inherited inner wisdom and power to create our own reality. We may also feel closer to the universe, to our soul stars and our star sisters and star brothers.

there is a lot of FIRE coming now, and opportunities for you to burn away the old. We have new and great possibilities to deeper embody our authentic self, to tune in deeper into our sacred hearts and wombs/haras, and from that place open to creativity and co-creation. We are given the opportunity to go beyond our lower minds and the fears that have kept us in a sense of being separated. We are offered the opportunity to open up for deeper surrender and trust, to a place we can embody and anchor on earth. Allow yourself to open up for the love you are, in truth and humility

It is a great collective awakening and these high-frequency energies will continue to rain on us..." By Camilla Akerstrom

… A temple is not created but revealed. It is based on inevitability and the irresistible response to what already IS and who we already ARE… souls are drawn to them…”

Master D.K through Bruce Lyon, Mercury 2020