At Nikkilä we experiment with living in community as a way of unveiling who and what we truly are, and why we are here! We support each other to go deeper into our emergence as Souls, and our surrender to Spirit, while being fully grounded in matter (our bodies and nature). We recognize that the inner spaces we can move through, and the energies we can call in, are much greater when done in group and connection. Spirit anchored and recognized in matter, backing the expression of Souls in human bodies. This is the greatest experiment in the galaxy and Nikkilä Temple is a part of it. Consider joining us!

Living in Soul Community: We explore group initiation, purpose, power dynamics, eros and abundance. We have rhythmic meditations, practices, and rituals to support the inner and interpersonal work. We go on land journeys and make offerings to the Earth. We live honoring the Earth’s rhythms, planting and harvesting together. Endless summer white nights for working on projects on the land. Still and dark winters for deeper listening, silent retreats and death portals. We live honoring the Cosmic rhythms as well, with zodiac-based initiations, New and Full Moon meditations, and portals through the Solstices, Equinoxes and key planetary conjunctions and alignments.

Upcoming Soul Community dates: June – October 31 2021

Living in Dark Community: means putting Spirit first. This is an “inside out” process: first and foremost recognizing what is at the core of ourselves, everyone, and everything, and from there moving outwards. Our intention is to surrender to the One Life and allow it to dance each one of us, live us, and reveal to us the inherent love, power, abundance and wisdom that it is. Dark Community involves the increased surrender of the sovereignty of individuated souls to the mystery at their core. 

Upcoming Dark Community dates: September 20 – October 31, 2021

Living in community at Nikkilä is not appropriate or timely for everyone, so participation is by application or invitation only. A general prerequisite is to have completed “The Cross” with Taki’h, Highden’s Temple Training or Call To Temple, and/or be an active member of Shamballa School Ashram. If you are interested in coming to live in community at Nikkilä, please email us: 

The energy fields of the temple are continually maintained and refined by regular rhythmic ceremony and ritual. The purpose of ceremony is to invite currents from the world soul and cosmic sources as well as energies stored in the earth itself to play through the field and gradually expand its vibratory rate so that it is in resonance… thus the temples become outposts on earth expressing the divine harmonies and patterns of cosmos. Through meditation, study and group initiation practices the human souls who form part of the temple field will continue to expand their consciousness so that they become more aware participants and cooperators in the greater evolutionary plan for earth.”

Master D.K. through Bruce Lyon, Mercury 2020