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Shamballa School Equinox Gathering

This event is for people in the Shamballa School field who have been engaging with the work and who would like to go deeper with the community. This is also the inaugural event for the Nikkila Temple and School. Spirit first!
We will come together as a group to open to the Mystery, share our gifts, wisdom, power, vulnerability, love and life force, and open together to the Fire of Spirit to pour through our hearts, souls and bodies, and the land itself.
As we do this deep work together, we are ignited individually as a group organism into electric identification as the One Life, fuller emergence of our souls into the world, and deeper embodiment as alive, empowered beings who are a stand for a culture of soul landing on the planet. We also ignite the energies stored in the land we are vibrating on, in this case the emergence of the Nikkila Temple and the greater web of temples and schools landing on the planet. This event will seek to empower and explore this emergence, and how each of us can bring our leadership, love and creativity and manifestation online to play our role in it.
We will explore these themes through:
– Guided meditations
– Interactive practices
– Group circles
– Embodied practices
– Movement and dance
– Co-creation of how we journey together
– Temples
– Land journeys
* Timing: Arrival on September 16th afternoon, first meal is dinner. Departure on September 19th afternoon, last meal is lunch. Longer stay (before or after can be requested directly through Taki’h)
* Accommodation: rooms available accommodating 2-4 people with shared bathroom.
* Food: Vegan friendly vegetarian meals.
* Bonus: There will be time to enjoy sauna, fire, walks in the forest, and naked swims in the lake
Location: Nikkila Temple, Finland
* Registration opens August 15th
* The final decision to have this event in person at Nikkila will be made by September 2, if not before, based on regulations, restrictions and border realities.
* If this event can not happen in person at Nikkila, it will happen on line
Facilitated by
Jon Darrall-Rew


Sep 16 - 19 2021

Local Time

  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Sep 16 - 19 2021


Nikkilä Temple, Finland
Nikkilä, Finland
Nikkilä Temple, Finland


Nikkilä Temple, Finland