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The Temple Training (TTT) – Emergence

The temples are not just places of refuge for those fleeing a civilisation in decline or looking for an alternative culture within the prevailing system. They are more radical than that. They are the very breath of the new arriving. They are not a place to retreat but to advance in a new direction; towards the earth. Towards the earth, not as mother but lover. They are landed by free souls who have liberated themselves from the gravity of survival and necessity, yet have come back to kiss the ground, to co-create and listen to that which has been waiting in their own bodies and the earth itself, longing to be met with love and danced in freedom.” -Bruce Lyon

The Temple Trainings (TTT) emerged through Highden Temple in Aotearoa (New Zealand) under the stewardship of Bruce Lyon. With the influence of a global pandemic, which has served as the onset of a global soul initiation, the temple initiative radiated out from Highden Temple to a worldwide community of souls ready to anchor a new civilization. Nikkilä Temple responded to this call, and was birthed on Wesak – April 27, 2021.


Nikkilä is a greenhouse for souls. It is dedicated to humanity’s Soul Initiation, the path of Freedom and Love, and recognizing Spirit at our core. It is devoted to anchoring a new era, where humans live as embodied souls and know they are on this planet with a purpose. Where humans deeply listen to and co-create with the earth and the cosmos, and remember themselves as the union of matter, soul and spirit. It is committed to the emergence of a world that stands for and as Love, whatever name you choose for it; be it freedom, truth, divinity in matter, or otherwise. A world that is truly and fully ALIVE, here, now!

The Temple Training at Nikkilä temple will draw on the magical support of the land itself to activate the emergence of love at the core of all. Nikkilä Temple is located on the shores of a lake with crystal clear water, with fish and shellfish in abundance. It is set amongst wild forest with trees hundreds of years old. There are dozens of berry bushes and rose bushes throughout the 18 hectare property, an apple grove, plum trees, and a vegetable field. The temple is anchored and sustained by a powerful bedrock, amongst the oldest and thickest on the planet, and all of our water is sourced straight from it! There is a colony of nearly 100 swans and several crane couples, owls and dozens of bird varieties, beavers, hare, deer, and a lynx which visits on occasion that also consider Nikkilä Temple home. The land itself is a direct channel of Love, Power, Life Force and deep wisdom, supporting humans to live in harmony and mutual reciprocity with this planet and all its kingdoms as embodied souls. Nikkilä Temple transmits purity, aliveness, depth, and stillness. It is an ideal container for the purification, connection, creativity, and expansion which are key components of soul initiation.


The convergence of cosmic energetic alignments, the mass initiation of humanity encouraged by global crisis, and the demand of the very soil and substance of Earth for liberation, have created an energetic portal. Those who feel the burning deep in the core of their being to emerge can cross the threshold of this portal and use this energy to fully activate their soul’s purpose and initiate great change on the planet.

TTT is a 6-week immersion at Nikkilä Temple in Finland, in collaboration with Highden Temple in NZ. It is not another self development course, spiritual inspirational seminar, or a way to gain more tools and skills for your personality. It is for those who have already made considerable progress on their path of liberation and embodiment. It is for those souls who long to activate the imprint they carry deep inside, of a new civilization. It is for those who feel the schism of the world we live in now and the possibility of a world where love, freedom and alignment between body, heart and spirit are supported and nourished. It is for those who know they have a part to play in the landing of a modern day temple. It is for the ones ready to surrender all to soul fire, the ones who are all in! It is for those who feel the call to emerge as our future, here, now! Is it for you?

TTT is an opportunity to become a living vibration of the new civilization with a far reaching impact on the world. It supports emergence of the soul and activation of love as the source code for humanity. Is it for you?


This training will be synchronized with The Temple Trainings at Highden in New Zealand, and there will be two transmissions per week coming from Highden, one from Bruce Lyon and one from Janine Ma-Ree, and a shared global temple once per week.

Our days will be full and deep. There will be transmissions, teachings, land journeys, group sharings, ritual, embodiment practices, and meditation amongst other offerings. We will be taking in the wisdom of the pristine earth that will be supporting our journey, and to which we will be giving back to as well. While we have a powerful team ready to steward and support the process, the main teacher will be the Mystery. Our team is dedicated to listening to what is needed to push your edges towards soul surrender, support the group field to deepen, and hold a strong and loving container for soul emergence and anchoring.

Our journey will be framed by the following areas of experience, and what follows are possible examples of themes which may be included:

EARTH, BODY & MATTER: communing with the land, shamanic explorations, honoring our animal body, relationship to privilege, shadow work, becoming planetary kundalini, ceremony and ritual, the money piece, New Economics, mysteries of the base, activating life force through the base.

EROS: working with polarity, attraction and repulsion, integrating masculine and feminine, sacred sexuality, magic and ritual, the wisdom of eros.

AWARENESS: Meditation, cultivation of presence, identification, relationship to sacrifice, Cosmology, Astrology, Rayology, soul fusion, The Void, Technologies of the Dark, activating Life Force through the crown.

COMMUNITY: Aquarian communion/ soul group culture, group initiation, living as one humanity, activating Life Force through the heart.

SOUL SHINE: Purpose work, true power, resonance, synergy, creativity, Aquarian leadership.

And….these are just guides. The real curriculum is the living current of life force emerging through each of us and between us as love reveals to us its next great unfoldment in planetary evolution and group transmission.


This is soul initiation and that requires three things of you:

* A full f*ck yes! Connection to that inner calling that will carry you through the fires of purification. Willingness to surrender who you think you are and what you believe you know, to the One Life. Yes, the price is: EVERYTHING! To those who give everything, everything is given!

* Service: The inner call to make yourself available to Love and Life! To be in service to the landing of the Temple and the emergence of the world soul.

* Alignment: The intention to return to Love and to offer anything that is not in alignment with Love to it’s fires, so that the mystery can dance us all!


The money exchange is based on a sliding fee scale, €4500-5000, based on your means.

The culture we currently live in has entrained us to make most of our money decisions based on fear. We stand for the new culture of abundance and love, one where scarcity mindsets are not the default. We encourage you to not base your exchange on fear of not having enough or hoarding, but on the truth that abundance begets abundance. Listen to your heart, and invest in the future of new economics at the level that pushes your edge but does not cross it.

Note: Graduates of previous TTTs, including the 2020 Highden online Earth Mandala, can choose to take a €500 discount (paying €4000) or donate anything above that amount to the Nikkilä TTT scholarship fund.

This exchange covers food & accommodation and the full training, for the full six weeks: Monday September 21 – Sunday October 31, 2021. This includes weekends and 2 integration days at the end of TTT.


Accommodation will be in 5 different houses on the property, each with its unique vibration and energy. There will be singles, doubles, triples and rooms for 4 people available, all with shared bathrooms. Each house has its own full kitchen and dining space, and lounge/ hang out area. In the Manor House, built in 1890 and renovated summer 2021, there are rooms for participants, the temple kitchen, the main dining room, and the main temple space for our journeys. The “Black Smith’s House” was built around 1920 and has lake views, 2 original fireplaces, a wood burning kitchen stove and a covered outside porch amidst forest and flowers. The “Tall Twin” was built in the 1930s and the “Short Twin”, along with the adjoining sauna and terrace, were built in the 1970s. They are located next to the stream that runs through the edge of the property. The “Apple House”, fully renovated in 1992, is situated amidst an apple grove, has a fireplace, a sauna, and a large covered terrace. A map of the property can be found here: https://www.nikkilatemple.org/tour-of-the-grounds/

Sauna evenings will be offered regularly, including the sauna and hot tub by the lake. You can also choose to connect to the transmission from the nature at Nikkilä by camping as often as you would like (bring your own camping gear).


Weekends are unstructured and give time for integration. They are an opportunity to recharge and make space for what wants to come through next. You can go off site or stay on the temple grounds. If you wish to stay, your accommodation and meals are included in the training fee over the 6 weekends. Weekends can be a beautiful time to share unstructured time together, like cooking, co-creating or hanging out. You may also want to explore and enjoy the land on your own – there is plenty of space here for that too. The temple room, saunas and fire circle will also be available during the weekend for your use. You can decide each weekend, and each weekend day for that matter, how and where Life is dancing you.


Attending the training is by application. We want to make sure everyone is a good fit for the kind of synergy we hope to foster. After you submit your application we may contact you for an interview if we feel it supports our mutual process of assessment.



* Note: Please fill out the application form as soon as you are called, as it starts a process of getting to know each other to see if there is a fit. We will be reviewing applications periodically and the admission process will be ongoing. Once the 20 mandala spots are filled, no more applications will be considered.

* Deadline to apply: August 8th, Lion’s Gate Portal.

STEP TWO: If accepted, commit with matter. A deposit of €500 reserves your place, with the balance to be paid by September 10.

If you have any questions or concerns, write us at: ttt@nikkilatemple.org


There is space for graduates of previous TTTs to come to Nikkilä Temple as part of the returnee field to deepen their journey and support the ongoing soul initiation. If you are interested in being in service in this way, and receiving the unique note of this transmission, please write us at connect@nikkilatemple.org and lets see if this is a good match.


We are living through a time of crisis and transition. It is powerful largely due to the uncertainty. AND we acknowledge that borders, travel, and restrictions on gatherings may impact whether we can receive all our participants, or carry out the training in person. We will keep abreast of changes as they arise and adapt as needed. Refunds and/or a suitable alternative will be made if existing policies at the time of the training make it impossible to hold the training with our real, live bodies together on the land.


TAKI’H – Triad Point Holder

Taki’h has been leading international groups for all genders in 25 countries over the last decade, in the Americas, Europe and Asia. She birthed the “Womb Wisdom Journey” for those in female bodies to connect to the full potential of their feminine through the gifts of their womb cycle. She developed “The Cross”, for all humans to heal, empower and integrate their masculine and feminine, body and soul, and activate the ecstatic current of Life Force. And along with her partner Timo, they created the 4-part “Intimacy Journey” – Emotional, Physical, Sexual and Soul Intimacy – to support partners on their path as Consorts. She is also the founder of Our Sacred Blood, a global initiative of all genders to destigmatize menstrual blood and reconnect us to its power and sacredness. Taki’h is devoted to embodied soul awakening on the planet now. She and Timo are currently anchoring the Nikkilä Temple and School in Finland. She also serves as part of Governance for the Shamballa School, an on-line community and school dedicated to Spirit – the Life principle at the core of every being, and on Governance for Leadership One. She is half Bolivian and half Greek, and holds 2 Masters Degrees from Columbia University in NYC.

LISA Klieger, MAc., DMQ – Triad Point Holder

Lisa is a lover of life, former acupuncturist, Doctor of medical QiGong, mother, and practitioner of magic. She has lived in several iterations of radical and queer community, spent many years homesteading, created and destroyed a medical practice, and cannot even come up with a suitable description for what she does now, but it has something to do with earth magic, temples and soul alchemy. She spent over a year at Highden Temple in experimental community, and has been involved in three TTT’s while living at Highden. She is super stoked to be serving in the first TTT at Nikkilä.

GRAHAM Gough – Triad Point Holder

Graham is a somatic sex coach, men’s work facilitator, soul mentor, and psychedelic therapist in training who lives and leads from the heart. Graham marries intuitive wisdom and somatic awareness with a clear and grounded approach to authentic self-expression, presence as soul, and lasting integration. But more than anything else, he stands for Love (with a capital L). A veteran of three TTTs, Graham couldn’t be more ecstatic to open his heart in service to the Nikkilä field and the emergence of the world soul.

NICOLE Costerus – Assistant

Nicole is the founder of Women of Ancient Futures. She is a soul-based leader, keeper of shamanic, mediumistic and psychic arts, and lover of life. For the past 18 years she has been sharing her work with women all across the world. She offers international retreats, masterminds, mentorships and events.

Her greatest love is diving deep into the mysteries of Power, Purpose & Intuition.

“When I close my eyes, I see a world filled with intuitive Soul-Based Leaders. Beings that are moved and guided by the One Force that is Life itself.Moved by the perfection of the pulse of our Intuition, Inner Guidance, Synchronicities and Magic. I feel honoured to be of service to you and the Magic of this 6 week vortex. May your Soul land fully so your Essence can shine and your core can be moved by the Mystery of life.”

DOM Bury – Assistant

Dom is an author, poet and initiator, interested in creating the portals necessary for humanity to emerge in unity and love for each other and the earth at this time of planetary emergency and transfiguration. He is the author of Rite of Passage, and co-initiator of The Brotherhood Mysteries.

“During the six weeks of time at Nikkila I desire to help light the fire at your core that knows deeply that you are life, that you are born on this planet not in spite of where we find ourselves collectively but because of it, that you have a unique role to play in the emergence of soul culture on earth.”

KAT – Assistant

Kat is a creative, explorative soul that is deeply committed to emotional alchemy, embodying the purity of divine love and expressing it through various channels.

So far, she has been exploring art, dance, music, sound healing, business and magick. After various shamanic diets in the jungle and exploring the healing power of nature, she decided to become a herbalist. Later on her journey she got in contact with Taoist Tantra, was initiated as a womb priestess and started doing Love & Eros rituals to reclaim the sacredness of the body and matter. She’s passionate about  assisting beings in their soul emergence and helping to build a soul based culture on this planet.

KARIM Shoukry – Assistant

Karim is an Egyptian healer and emotional support point holder, trained in various modalities including Crystal Healing, Family Constellations, Transactional Analysis, and Emotional Alchemy. He was born and raised in Egypt, and took an early interest in the Egyptian mysteries. But it wasn’t until his early 30s when this interest took the form of an official training in the school of the Egyptian Star of Life. Karim is also a student of Shambala school, a point holder for the re-emergence of the 1st Ray Mystery School in Egypt, and is dedicated to the landing of the new temples around the globe.

For more on Nikkilä Temple: www.nikkilatemple.org


Since first hearing Bruce Lyon talk about the re-emergence of the mystery schools and temples in 2013, I have Gnown that I am here to be a part of that. I didn’t know I would help birth one, I didn’t dare dream of it. And now, standing at the precipice of this great adventure, I know this is what my soul has been preparing me for all my life, for many lives in fact! And I know this is what the rest of my life will be committed to in one-way or another: the reemergence of the temples and schools, supporting them as a midwife and sustaining them in different ways. This is my soul’s calling in this life. To support soul emergence on this planet. By modeling it, how I live my daily life. By what I transmit as a facilitator. By supporting the emergence and establishment of mystery schools and temples, safe havens and oasis for souls, with all my time, energy, presence, heart and money, and all the resources I have access to and that move through me.

Just a year after hearing Bruce speak about the mystery schools and temples, so in 2014, I received powerful signs that took me 7 years to understand what they were pointing to Nikkilä. A choiceless choice, choosing what had already been chosen, destiny. But to say yes I had to face deep-rooted fears, to commit fully to one place. I felt like a Kiwi, sacrificing my wings to marry Earth and becoming a flightless bird. And not only that but it’s not even a place that my personality would have chosen. I am not from Finland, I don’t speak the language, the culture is quite foreign to me, and I’m not a fan of under 18C weather (that’s above 0 mind you!). So in spite of my personality, my Soul pointed me this way 7 years ago with certainty. Clearly, this is Love choosing. The love I have for one being through whom I ended up in Finland, for this country that has adopted me, and for this land Nikkilä. I have the longing to worship Nikkilä, be devoted to it, take care of it, and love it as I have for him. And I dare, I dare let myself love so deeply, so openly, so vulnerably. And I dare, I dare let myself commit fully and stand as a guardian of this Temple. 14 years since these questions haunted me, I stand here, knowing who and what I am, why I have incarnated at this time, and where I belong. And I wish nothing less for everyone!” – Taki’h


Sep 20 2021 - Oct 29 2021


All Day

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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Sep 20 2021 - Oct 29 2021
  • Time: All Day


Nikkilä Temple, Finland
Nikkilä, Finland
Nikkilä Temple, Finland


Nikkilä Temple, Finland