Here you will find links to resources that can support you to explore soul initiation and its expression, and deepening into the life force at the core of our being. Nikkila is directly associated with all of these sites and souls.

“Dedicated to transmissions on THE most integrated, holistic, fast and deep path we know to Soul Awakening and anchoring. From addressing personal wounds and challenging situations, to going through Soul awakening and moving through Soul initiations, to opening up to Spirit, this is the map!”


“Shamballa School is dedicated to the fire of spirit and its transmission of the cosmic purpose, will and power at the heart of the whole evolutionary process on earth. The work of Shamballa School in this process is to draw on the fire of spirit and its transmission of divine will, power and purpose to catalyse this transition within ourselves, and on the planet as a whole.”


“Leadership One is dedicated to initiating a wave of new leaders, on fire for the soul of humanity and the earth. We provide training in what it means to hold power, wield power, and share power, in service of the One that lives and breathes in every heart. This is leadership for a New Era.”


“Evoking the relationship of humanity as a whole to the world soul, the planetary life and its cosmic origin. An experiment in group initiation designed to prepare for 2025 when a major inflow of energy – known as the Shamballa Impact – is expected  to occur. The decade from 2020 -2030  is presented as a critical transition period for humanity. The reappearance of the mystery schools as nurseries for new civilisation and leadership coincides with a mass initiation being undergone by humanity as a whole.”


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