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Nikkilä Temple represents how we have always meant to be living as a humanity, we have just taken a long detour and forgotten. Nikkilä Temple is what it looks like in the pioneering stages and we are inviting you to co-create this reality with us! Whether you can donate your time as a volunteer worker, want to share skills that could support some development phase (ex: carpenter, landscaping, agriculture, construction, etc), or can donate money to Support The Temple to Land, it is all welcomed and needed. Kiitos – Thank you!

Development Plans

There will be 3 phases of renovations and developments on the property between June 2021 and September 2022. After all 3 phases of the renovations of the public spaces are complete, Nikkilä Temple will have two temple room spaces (50m2 and 180m2), a kitchen and dining room to cater to 50 people, accommodation for 50 guests in 6 different guest spaces, 3 different saunas, a garden with berry bushes, apple trees, root vegetables and a greenhouse, and a husbandry with chickens and alpacas!

The overall budget of these 3 phases is estimated at 490.600€, of which only 68.000€ goes towards a hired worker (there will only be 1 paid worker). In 2021 Leijona sold his home, warehouse and architect company, and put in all his financial resources, accumulated over 30 years of working as an architect, to purchase the Nikkilä estate. For the duration of the renovations he will make himself fully available and his work will be given for free until the 3 phases are complete. 

And even after all this, we need your support. It doesn’t only take a couple, or even a village, it takes a humanity! If this is the kind of world you want to live in, we invite you to stand with us and be part of this great adventure to help us land the Nikkilä temple! YES! 

To donate your time and skills, please email us at:

To donate money to Support The Temple To Land, choose your preferred method of payment (credit card, direct bank transfer, cryptocurrency or tax-deductible donation to our partner NGO) and select the gift of your choice as a wholehearted thank you from us. Please click on the “Show Me How” button below to make your donation.

We will be updating the progress of projects on this page, our FB Page, and through our mailing list!

Phase 1: June – September 2021

Setting up the Pyramid meditation space;
Renovating the manor house: converting one dining room into a group room space, upgrading the kitchen, adding ventilation, replacing the entire 1st level flooring and insulation;
Expanding the lake sauna to double the current size and adding a hot tub;
Painting the guest houses from the outside;
Planting trees and bushes;
Putting up a fence to keep in the animals;

Total Budget: 246.100 €

Total Workforce: 1 paid carpenter and Leijona’s work donated, both full time; 10 volunteers/ woofers


Use: It will be converted into a meditation space

Renovations: Painting of the facades, new wooden structures inside, new lighting, levelling the ground around the structure so the water does not accumulate there. 

Budget: 3.700 €

Manor House

Use: Houses the main kitchen and dining area (for 40 people), the smaller temple space of 50m2 (for 20-25 people), and accommodation for 11 guests.

Renovations: New floor insulations and flooring; new plumbing and sewers; new ventilation system. Renovations of the toilets, showers, and the group room space. New kitchen. Levelling the ground around the building so the water does not accumulate there.

Budget: 185.000€

Note: In the Manor House upstairs are also the private living quarters for Taki´h and Leijona. These spaces are not listed here, and renovating them is not included in this budget or time line.

Lake Sauna

Use: Group/ community sauna.

Renovations: Touch up painting and treating of the facades and terraces, turning the changing room into a second sauna space for 7 additional people.

Budget: 2.500€

New Wood Fired Outdoor BathTub Barrel

DescriptionA new wood-heated hot tub barrel with a lake water pump, fitting 6 people, and construction of wooden terrace to hold it. 

Budget: 3.000 €

Painting guest-houses

Description: Painting all the guest houses from the outside (Black Smith house, Twin houses and the Apple house)

Budget: 3.900 €

Plants and animals

Description: The estate has many apple trees, blackcurrant and redcurrant bushes, as well as lots of other trees and bushes. There are open spaces (former agricultural fields) to host animals and fertile soil to grow various root vegetables native to Finland.

Use: More trees are needed around the edge of the property to ensure the visual privacy of the grounds, and a fence and gate to mark the Nikkilä property.

Development: Planting new raspberry and huckleberry bushes, and spruce saplings for visual privacy; installing a small lightweight greenhouse to grow vegetables; erecting a wire fence along 1.2kms of the property’s boundaries and a wooden gate; creating indoor and outside space for chickens, acquiring 3 country chickens and 3 therapeutic alpacas.

Budget: 48.000 €

Phase 2: March – June 2022

Building the main temple;

Total Budget: 133.000 €

Total Workforce: 1 paid carpenter and Leijona’s work donated, both full time; 5 volunteers/ woofers

Main Temple

Use: This will be the Main Temple (180m2 of group room space) that will host the school at Nikkilä,  as well as a dormitory for 10 guests, a lounge, and bathrooms with showers.

Renovations: New insulation and windows, all surfaces rebuilt and new spaces created, new fireplace, sound system, plumbing and sewers, installation of toilets and showers, new planks for the facade, and re-painting the building from the outside. 

Budget: 133.000 €

Phase 3: June 2022 – September 2022

Renovating the guest houses from inside, building new sewer systems for each;
Creating a dark room space for personal retreats;
Painting other remaining buildings and structures from the outside;
Upgrading the sewage treatment of the estate, to bring it up to environmental standards.

Total Budget: 111.500€

Total Workforce: 1 paid carpenter and Leijona’s work donated, both full time; 10 volunteers/ woofers

Blacksmith’s House

Use: Accommodation for 7 guests

Renovations: Painting of all the walls, redoing the floors, full renovation of the downstairs toilet, new plumbing and sewers, painting of the facades, and levelling the ground around the building so the water does accumulate there.

Budget: 14.000€ 

Twin Houses

Use: Accommodation for 13 guests and sauna

Renovations: painting of all the walls, full renovation of the tall twin’s toilet, new wood flooring for the short twin, new shower for the short twin, new plumbing and sewers, painting of the facades, levelling the ground around the building so the water does accumulate there.

Budget: 30.000€ 

Apple House

Use: accommodation for 7 guests and sauna

Renovations: painting of the walls, partial painting of the facades, new sewer for the toilet, levelling the ground around the building so the water does accumulate there.

Budget: 8.500 € 

Dark Room space

Use: Space for individual darkness retreats with 2 rooms, small kitchenette, and full bathroom.

Renovations: Painting of the walls, redoing the floors, new shower and new sewers for the shower and the toilet.

Budget: 5.000€

Note: The same building will also host a Foundry for Leijona to create bronze sculptures and a Gallery to exhibit them. These spaces are not listed here, and renovating them is not included in this budget or timeline. 

Old Mill, Tractor shed, Wood sheds and other small structures

Description: There are many old structures on the grounds which need the care to stay in shape and continue to provide shelter for precious old things, machines, firewood and animals in the winter.

Renovation: Painting of the facades, insulation of the water pump building, and levelling the ground around the buildings to keep the wooden facades dry from the rain.

Budget: 34.000 € 

Environmental standards

Description: Upgrading the sewage treatment of the entire estate, to bring it up to environmental standards.

Budget: 20.000

Support the Temple with a Financial Donation

100% of all money donations (after fees deducted by the 3rd party Stripe to facilitate the transaction safely) will go towards getting actual supplies for the renovations needed at Nikkilä. 

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We thank you in advance for standing with us and playing a part in this great adventure of landing this Temple. Please help us spread the word about the Landing of the Nikkilä Temple!

Please note: If you wish to receive the gift of a limited edition bronze piece (1 of 3), crafted from start to finish by Leijona, you can choose your piece here: , and indicate the name of the piece in the comment when submitting your payment. Leijona will reply to you by email regarding it’s availability.

    A temple is a vortex generated out of the inherent abundance at the core of the human spirit meeting the inherent abundance of the earth.” 

    Master D.K. through Bruce Lyon, Mercury 2020