The School

The School at Nikkilä is a place to work with the different layers of our existence: personality, body, Soul & Spirit. The intention is to support those who come to the school to move into Soul emergence and through the stages of Soul Initiation, and to open to the revelation of Life at the core of everything. The School is dedicated to the path of Love and Freedom.

The de-construction of the fear-based personality is essential to Soul emergence so that personality can become a vehicle of Soul expression. In order for the Soul to fully land in the body, this sacred vehicle must be restored to its natural and authentic state of being, cleansing it from traumas and conditioning. Soul emergence and embodiment are essential to remembering ourselves as the One Life that we are, so that we may live anchored in Spirit.

The curriculum is carefully curated to ensure that every offering is a part of this greater vision, and that it leads seekers closer to real Love and Freedom. Included will be embodiment, trauma release and nervous system regulation, breath and body work, de-armouring, interpersonal connection, working with consent and communication, art therapy, permaculture, land journeys and working directly with the latent energies stored in matter (the body and the natural world), sacred sexuality, shadow work, archetypal work, ritual and ceremony, working with Power, Sex & Money across the different layers of our existence, exploring the Mysteries of Power, of the Base & Matter, and of the Heart, Soul Initiation immersions, silent retreats, darkness retreats, and connecting to Life Force and Spirit.

“Each of us is, in essence, the divine Life. Our spirit is built from it. Our consciousness or soul is built from it. Our bodies, subtle and dense, are built from it. We are the arriving Avatar that we await.” 

Bruce Lyon

Here is a glimpse: 

Connection to Land, Rewilding the Body, and Personality Integration will include:

Wild Heart Transformation (WHT) and Tantric Life Coach (TLC) training by the Wild Heart Academy Team, founded by Shanti Limnell
Somatic Consent with Matt Schwenteck
Breath work & De-armouring with Sanna Sannita
Land Journeys and Permaculture training with Olivier Ciais

Archetypal work and Soul Initiation will include:

Priestess Training with Celeste Pomegranate
The Brotherhood Mystery School, with Dom Bury, Phillip Stehlick & Taki’h
The Cross, with Taki’h and team
The Temple Training (TTT), in collaboration with Highden Mystery School in New Zealand, with Taki’h and team

Opening to the One Life at our Core, Spirit, will include:

Shamballa School events with Jon Darrell-Rew and Taki’h

Further details will be shared in the events section soon! 

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Through alignment with the life principle, with planetary purpose and the cosmic energy of freedom, temples will become electrical centres for the transmission of life force. This energy vivifies… Students who pass through them will also become vivifying factors or points of life in whatever environment they subsequently find themselves.”

Master D.K. through Bruce Lyon, Mercury 2020